Education Policy

The quality standards are based on the company's philosophy, values and strategy.

4E Engineering was founded in 2008 as an autonomous and independent engineering office with a wide range of engineering services. The future success of 4E Engineering largely depends on the company's guiding principles defined by its philosophy: "ethical, energetic, efficient and effective" as well as on the employees' motivation and identification with the company. This is why we attach great importance to the professional and personal development of our employees:

"We do not only encourage creative involvement and interpersonal dialogue, but also support the professional and personal development of our employees."

Educational and training measures are expected to meet both the employee's and the company's professional and personal needs. They will be the subject of discussion and negotiation during employee interviews.

Due to the company's size, education and training courses are normally held externally by recognized firms, institutes and schools. 4E Engineering normally contributes to education and training expenses. Depending on the courses' benefit for 4E Engineering, the period of training shall be considered as working time or as an activity to be completed during the employee's leisure time. The company‘s regulations make sure that such employee will be given appropriate support.