Ski Weekend 2024

Ski Weekend Stoos 02. - 04.02.2023

Ski Weekend 2024

We spent an unforgettable ski weekend in the snow-covered heights of the Stoos.
The steepest funicular took us up to Stoos Lodge, a refuge of wood and warmth.

The sun shone from a cloudless sky and we enjoyed the beautiful weather.
The Fronalpstock spread out before us, majestic and sublime.
The snow-capped peaks stretched to the horizon and we felt tiny in this magnificent natural setting.

In the evening we gathered in a small, rustic room.
The smell of melted cheese filled the room, there was fondue - a feast for our taste buds.
Just for ourselves, away from the outside world, we shared stories and laughter.

The morning meal was just as individual as our experiences.
Some preferred fresh croissants, others a hearty muesli.
The view from the lodge windows was our constant companion – a painting of snow, sun and freedom.

It was a weekend that enchanted us.
We returned with red cheeks and happy hearts, confident that we had found a place that would stay with us forever.