Asset Management

Asset Management [AM]

Asset management describes the holistic view of your plant or your plant park over the entire life cycle. Use the power of lifecycle-oriented asset optimization and work with proven methods to increase asset availability and reliability, always focusing on (possible) networking of assets/parts.


Our 'System for Excellence' starts exactly where you see the greatest leverage for your improvement opportunities.

Whether comprehensive reorganization or fine-tuning of individual topics, such as evaluations of the plant substance, practical risk analyses (FME(C)A, RCM/RBM), transfer of plant responsibility to the plant operator (Asset Care), TPM, Lean, or similar - we are at your side with practical experience and international benchmarks.


What does the System for Excellence - S4E support you in?

In the (condition) assessment and systematic further development in the areas of asset management, maintenance, engineering, production, condition monitoring and additional competencies.



With the System for Excellence, you can arrive at meaningful statements. Get:


the TOP 10 optimization approaches for your overall organization

concrete recommendations for action

for your problem areas

(e.g. use of mobile devices, maintenance controlling, IT-supported maintenance or optimization tools)

Methods, tools and comparative key figures


Would you like to document your services in black and white? Comparable, transparent, traceable?

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