Grill-Event - 17.06.2022

Grellingen - Kaltbrunnental - Himmelried

Our traditional barbecue party took place this year in beautiful and hot weather.


A group met at Grellingen train station and together they hiked through the cool Kaltbrunnental to the Don Bosco youth center in Himmelried, where they were welcomed with a cool drink and an aperitif.

In a cozy get-together, everyone enjoyed the afternoon with conversations, a game of boule or a visit to the nearby piggy enclosure.

Then slowly we got hungry and we enjoyed the fine grilled meats from Zwetti's Regio Metzg with fine salads.

This was followed by a large dessert buffet, to which everyone contributed something.

With a beautiful view of the Laufental and towards the Jura, we let the evening end.

Some took the opportunity to spend the night in the hut.

It was a very nice and comfortable occasion.