Initially your ideas and requirements are generated. We support our Clients during the preparation of the feasibility, concept, and cost estimating phases of a possible project. Together with our experience in different industrial process sectors, all specialist areas of process technology and our network of experts, we are in a position to be able to actively guide you in the decision making process. The tasks include:
  • Understand and then structure the requirements and existing ideas
  • Development of various concepts and feasibility studies
    • Advantages and disadvantages of the different options
    • Extisting risks and their mitigation
    • Presentation and decision support
  • Early coordination concerning process and key components suppliers
  • Negotiations with authorities
  • Cost estimates at this stage usually around +/- 30%
  • Development of implementation strategies (elemantary schedule, resource plan etc.)

Basic Engineering

Essentially, you have a distinct vision of ​​your requirements and the scope of the project, provided that the selected project in the concept phase has been defined. We support you in substantiating and detailing out the project to minimise the risks during the course of the project (cost, schedule, etc.). The tasks include:
  • Creating specifications and project descriptions for the various trades and the project as a whole
  • Development of p&id’s and layout the basic functions of the systems
  • Create equipment lists, instrument lists, fitting lists, pipe lists etc.
  • Calculate the main mass and energy requirements
  • Specification of key processes and components
  • Supplier clarifications and requests for proposals
  • Plant layout drawings
  • Cost estimates typically around ± 20%
  • Local authority engineering, preparing the planning application documents
  • Detailing the implementation strategy (outline schedule, resource plan, etc.)

Detail Engineering

The process technologyis almost completely defined and the project scope fixed. We support our Clients in the detailed design of the systems and their functions. Very often, the detailed engineering phase dovetails into the construction or at least runs in parallel, in order to minimize the total time required for the project implementation. The tasks include:  
  • Detailing the p&id's and process functions
  • Detailing of equipment lists, instrument lists, fitting lists, pipe lists etc.
  • Detailing of function descriptions and specifications
  • Detailing the layout and installation planning, (platforms, brackets, etc.)
  • Creating tender documents and other documents required for all trades
  • Obtaining quotes
  • Create price reconciliations and award recommendations
  • Piping design in 3D-CAD (assembly drawings, isometric drawings, material lists)

Installation/ Plant Construction

During the implementation phase of the project, the focus in the installation / process-phase is the coordination of the suppliers and all trades involved in the construction, together with the cost and schedule control. We support our customers with our experience in plant construction in all relevant trades and project management in general. Our services include:
• Coordination of the various trades
• Constructability clarification with the various suppliers (construction, structural steel, equipment, piping, instrumentation, electrical installations, etc.)
• Tracking of the design documents
• Schedule and cost control

Installation/ Plant Construction

The core task ofthe construction and installation management is an efficient construction site organization and ensuring a safe and orderly installation methodology. Our tasks include:
• Definition and training of safety guidelines and associated documentation, as well as monitoring their compliance.
• Risk analysis in connection with the installation works and definition of specific safety measures.
• Co-ordination of goods deliveries and their installation
• Organizing and guiding the material store
• Coordination of the various trades
• Signing off of the installation works in co-operation with the design team and the Client
• Tracking and mitigation of defects on the defects list
• Planning and execution of pressure tests

Commissioning/ Start-up

It's about testing the functionality of the process plant andmaking sure it is ready to operate safely. Our tasks include:
• Planning and coordination of commissioning activities, across all trades
• Installation control and feedback to the design team regarding "as built"
• Run line tests in cooperation with the E&I and PLC programming
• Creating commissioning checklists and their execution with operations personnel
• Participation in FAT / SAT PLC programming
• Planning and execution of test programmes in cooperation with PLC programming, in particular the safety-related functions
• Planning and execution of water tests / scenarios
• Temporary transfer to operations
• Tracking and mitigation of defects on the defects list
• Participate in the planning and execution of the chemical commissioning
• Final hand-over to operations

Operations / Maintenance (GMP / NonGMP)

We support our Clients in the operation and maintenance of your equipment and provide suitable Engineers and technical services for your operations. Our employees are usually completely integrated in the customer's organization. Usually resulting in a long-term cooperation. The tasks include:
• Coordination of minor alterations to existing facilities together with operations and the suppliers (inquiries, comparison of bids, purchase orders, work permits, inspections, etc.)
• Planning and coordination of maintenance activities (preventive and when damage occurs) with operations and suppliers (coordination schedule, placing orders, supervision, feedback, etc.)
• Creating and customizing maintenance plans
• Administration and up-keep of the plant documentation
• Create specific operating manuals and checklists for the operation and maintenance of the systems.
• Design of new plants, which are procured under the umbrella of the site engineering operations. Project size is usually up to approximately 1 Mio CHF.
• The services are provided in the GMP and in NonGMP environment

Project Management

The project managementof small to medium-sized projects are usually carried out directly by our experienced project engineers from various disciplines. Therefore, decision making can be made quickly, lines of communication kept short, leading to cost efficient structures. In this context, our staff embody very high standards and are able to bring their expertise and knowledge of project management, strong communication and self-motivation.
For larger projects, an experienced project manager will coordinate the various sub-project managers. Our tasks include:

• Coordination of planning activities
• Cost and schedule planning and control
• Ensure effective communication between client / design team / suppliers
• Provide the necessary resources (labour resources, infrastructure, etc.)
• Perform project meetings and their minutes

Process Engineering

With ourexpertise in the field of thermal and mechanical process engineering, we support our Clients in the development of a functional process that is tailored to their needs. Our tasks include:

• Should-Is target analysis in collaboration with the customer
• Process design, several design options possibilities with assessment and presentation
• Layout design and optimisation
• Personnel and material flow optimization
• Creating the procedural documentation
◦Process design with mass and energy balances
◦ Process descriptions
◦ Process flow diagrams
◦ P&id’s schemes
◦ Equipmentspecifications
◦ Information regarding instrumentation, valves and pipelines specifications
◦ Flowcharts and programming requirements

• Requests for quotes and comparisons for equipment and key components
• Support the project stakeholders regarding procurement/procedural issues
• Controlling execution with respect to functionality, safety and usefulness of the system
• Factory acceptance tests of key components
• Commissioning planning and execution
• Training of operating personnel
• Troubleshooting

Electrical / Instrumentation and Control (E&I)

In the field of E&I, we work with long-term partners who bring their experience in planning and implementing plant automation. Our tasks include:
• Create and maintain the instrument list
• Creating instrument data sheets
• Creating automation concepts
• Perform electrical design incl. E&I schematics
• Create functional descriptions for the PLC programming based on the requirements from the process engineering
• Carry out the PLC programming or act as coordinator of the third party programming activities
• Installation design and coordination of electrical installations
• Enquiry / reconciliation of bids / processing orders (instruments, fittings, installation, automation, etc.)
• Incoming delivery ticket inspections and approvals
• FAT / SAT of hardware and software
• Run cold and hot line tests
• Commissioning planning and execution in cooperation with process engineering and the operator
• Training of operating personnel
• Troubleshooting

System design CAD

Are CAD drawings and 2D or 3D models or special expertise in plant construction necessary, we work with long-term partners; who bring their experience in the design and delivery of process plants. Depending on the task required, our expertise lies in the equipment design, the piping design etc. Our tasks include:
• Create and maintain the piping classes
• Creation of detailed specifications for equipment and key components
• Procurement of equipment and key components incl. their acceptances
• Installation planning and layout designs
• Piping design incl. Isometrics and material extracts
• Piping stress analysis and design of the brackets
• Preparation of tender documents for equipment, piping and structural assembly
• Creating designs and manufacturing drawings

Steel Construction, Civil Construction

For the design and delivery of structural steel and civil construction work, we work with established civil engineers who are familiar with the technicalities of a process plant.
• Dimensioning and design of foundations, retaining walls, steel structures etc.
• Earthquake analysis of new and existing structures
• Dimensioning and design of major supporting structures for equipment and piping
• Preparation of the planning permission application documents
• Preparation of tender documents for structural steel assembly works
• Coordination of RFP’s (Request for Proposal) and creating proposal reconciliations
• Construction management and building inspection
• Coordination of construction work and steelwork
• Condition assessments, expert opinions about the current state of existing components and their maintenance position.


For the design and delivery of ventilation conditioning systems, we work with established HVAC designers who are familiar with the technicalities of the plant.
• Dimensioning and design of HVAC systems for engineering, production, clean room, housing and offices
• Preparing the approval documents (energy detection, HVAC scheme etc.)
• Preparation of tender documents for HVAC installations
• Coordination of RFP’s (Request for Proposal) and creating proposal reconciliations
• Coordination of HVAC installation work
• Construction management and HVAC inspection
• Condition assessments, expert opinions with regard to the current state of existing HVAC installations and the maintenance position.

Qualification / Validation

We support our Clients with the qualification / validation of their systems and processes. With our in-depth knowledge on the system functions and processes we take the true function as a link between the client-side QA and the various suppliers of system components. We also ensure that the systems have the required functions and properties and the required documents / tests will be provided by the supplier. The qualification documents are typically created according to the instructions and SOP's of our Clients. The tasks include:
• Development of URS (User Requirement Specification) in cooperation with the user and the person responsible QA
• Create a master training plan and training plans
• Creating functional risk analysis (FRA's)
• Perform sensor risk analysis (SRA's)
• Creating the Traceability Matrix
• Create Test Plans (DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ)
• Training of suppliers for the required tests and their proper documentation
• Planning / coordination / control / performing DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ
• Compilation and review of the qualification documentation
• Creating qualification reports
• Creating SOPs