Novartis Pharma AG

  • 2011-2015
    Project management for the introduction of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) in the area of chemical development more >

    We had the opportunity to make an essential contribution to the introduction of TPM in the area of chemical development. Its introduction started in 2011 with the initiation of the project and the performance of a start audit. The control audit performed in 2015 made progress visible and revealed potential for further innovations.
    We would like to congratulate all persons involved on the results achieved and thank the Novartis people in charge for their trustful and constructive co-operation.
    We wish you all every success for the implementation of further measures.

    Please find more information here.


  • 2008 - today
    Site engineering support in the fields of chemical development, biotechnology development, as well as ChemOpsCH . Our employees are responsible for the following activities. more >
    • Management and execution of small projects, new installations and refurbishment works in commercial engineering
    • Update the documentation system(s)
    • Obtaining the qualification status of the plants
    • GMP documentation of all activities
    • Qualification of new installations and changes to facilities
    • Planning and execution coordination of planned and unplanned maintenance
  • 2007
    NIBR ; General Planner (GP) mandate for the installation of a Solvent Storage Unit under construction WKL -122 , including relocation and installation of a Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography existing system. more >
    • Design, execution and coordination of installations with the operator and various professional designers and construction companies
    • Generate documentation and maintain an owner’s manual, as well as the Client’s documentation system(s)

Syngenta Crop Protection AG

  • 2021
    Lunar module (Mondfähre) more >

    Cause analysis «lunar module» 4030 SLT-H2

    Modification of the hydrogen-containing exhaust air system

  • 2018 - 2019
    Design mandate for the construction and installation of a 1m2 Hastelloy nutsch filter with closed discharge (glovebox) more >
    • Specification / inquiry / procurement and installation of equipment
    • 3D piping design
    • Coordination with operations and other disciplines (automation, construction)
    • Commissioning support
  • 2011 - 2018
    General planning mandate for the expansion of production capacity of production facility for a Herbicide . Project „Expansion I S- NAA WKA and Expansion II S-NAA WKA " more >
    • Coordination and management of the design teams with diverse sub-planners
    • Specification / RFP’s (Request for Proposal) / handling of equipment
    • 3D piping design including isometrics and material lists
    • E&I-design & specification /proposal /coordination of installation.
    • Site management
    • HSE Officer
  • 2013
    Concept study with a cost estimate +/-30 % for the conversion of an existing dispensation area for solid and liquid chemicals. more >
    • Classify actual existing situation
    • Design the user request for the new installation (URS )
    • Various offers for muffles, work stations, filling stations for solid and liquid substances
    • Layout proposal
    • Rough concept for the conversion of the existing filling spaces with outline schedule
    • Cost estimates of Civil Engineering and HVAC engineering were commissioned directly by our customers and coordinated by us .
    • Quotation

F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG

  • 2013 - today
    Operation engineering support on a biotech facility. Our employees are responsible for the following activities. more >
    • Design and execution coordination of planned and unplanned maintenance
    • Project managing of refurbishment and new-build
    • GMP-compliant, documentation of the work
    • Troubleshooting


  • 2020 - today
    We support Lonza in the implementation of their IBEX® complex in Visp in the areas. more >
    • Black media supply
      • Steam
      • Condensate collection
      • Hot water
      • Cooling water
      • Ice water
      • Waste water
    • Clean media supply
      • PW and WFI generation and distribution
      • Pure steam generation and distribution
      • Gases
    • QA Support

PharmaZell GmbH

  • 2015 - 2018
    Support for the operation of a chemical engineering plant for the production of active ingredients according to GMP. more >
    • Project managing of refurbishment and new-build
    • GMP-compliant, documentation of the work
    • Troubleshooting